Death is one of life's major events. Learn how to control the cost.

Find out about pre-planning

If you died tomorrow...what would your survivors be faced with?

Find out about pre-planning
If you were to die today, would you be ready?

'Someday' isn't on the calendar;
but today is - don't put it off.

Find out about pre-planning

Discover what end-of-life planning really involves and
how to get the most for your investment.

End of life planning brings a lot of questions

“How much does it cost – and how can I save money?”

“What happens if the funeral home isn’t in business anymore when I pass away?”

“How can I reduce the burden on my family?”

“How can I make sure things are done the way I want?”

“What else is involved in end-of-life planning, other than my funeral details and decisions?”

Serenity has answers

As Edmonton’s leading education and resource centre for end-of-life planning, we are here to help you make educated decisions that protect your survivors, beneficiaries and estate.

We are dedicated to ensuring that:

  • You minimize unnecessary end-of-life costs – whether it’s overpaying for your funeral service details, or ensuring that you are informed about all available options that could save you money.
  • Your investment into a prepaid plan is 100% protected and secured in your name – not the funeral home’s name.
  • You experience total peace of mind when it comes to your “golden years” and end of life.
  • Your future passing is not a costly burden to your children, executor(s) and/or beneficiaries.

We work with people from all walks of life – from couples in their 30s to individuals, widows and couples in their later golden years.  And we can help you, too.

3 ways we can help

Educated to Provide Expert Advising.  Led by professionals with over 50 combined years of  funeral service experience – distinct credentials, education and knowledge.

Practical, Fact-Based Education. Take advantage of our free training workshops to learn more about important end-of-life planning issues – and to start creating your plan.

Professional Advice. Check out our selection of free articles   and complimentary resources to discover which questions to ask – and get the answers you need.

Don’t burden your heirs – preplan instead

Death is a major life event. Your passing will impact the people who love you.

It’s your choice, however, what kind of an experience they will have.

Preplanning and including the necessary end of life solutions minimizes stress and offers peace of mind … to them, and you.   Learn more about how Serenity can help.

Why people choose serenity end of life planning

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Our clients are talking about us.

We would like to thank Connie Misick in her complete and heart felt guidance in going through the steps and decisions that we made when the unexpected end will happen.  In our meeting she gave us the information needed to carry out our arrangements in a friendly and informative manner.  The arrangements and decisions made will surely spare much pressure and anxiety at a difficult time in the future for the ones left behind.


Once again thank you for providing peace of mind.


Jack & Heather Stevenson, Mundare, Alberta

My husband and I were making our prearranged funeral service plans. After visiting another service provider, we decided to go with Serenity Funeral Services.


We have now completed our plans and all of our final arrangements are complete. We were so impressed with Connie! She took the time to explain everything to us, she thoroughly went through all our options. She took her time to be sure we fully understood every detail. She gave us the time we needed to be sure of our options and to to discuss with our family.


She was not pushy at all just to get something purchased.


We want to commend her on how professional she was with us during this process. Connie was also very knowledgeable and compassionate. This is not an easy process to go through, especially as we are seniors, but Connie made these difficult discussions so much easier

and we are ever so grateful to her for that.


We would very highly recommend Connie and Serenity Funeral service to all our friends and family.

Phil & Dorothy Klein, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Connie assisted us with prearrangement funeral plans and made the process that much easier. We were very comfortable with her and her down to earth approach.

Amy Ellacott, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Making the decision to Prearrange and purchase the Secure Return Assurance Plan for both my wife and myself was not only easier than expected; it has brought a peace of mind regarding our future and our travel plans that was completely worth it!

Thank you to Scott Misick for hearing and respecting our individual choices.

D. & S. Rogers, Edmonton, Alberta 

We recently received help with preplanning our funeral arrangements from Connie at Serenity Funeral Home. We found her to be very warm, kind and  knowledgeable in helping us make important decisions concerning our end of life planning.


She answered all of our questions and we felt secure with our decisions.


We left her office feeling pleased that we had such a caring person to help us make such difficult decisions. Thank you for your help Connie.

Bruce & Gloria Nielson, Edmonton, Alberta

What an uplifting experience! Wow! I just cannot describe the feeling of relief that I have now that Connie Misick has walked me through my preplanning and I have taken advantage of what she offered.


She answered all of my questions it’s just like a ton of bricks has been lifted from my shoulders just knowing that my family do not have the pressure of doing the planning for me and wondering if this is what I would have wanted.


I know first hand what it is like having been left behind and having to make all the decisions and second-guessing yourself, and really not being in the proper frame of mind to plan a funeral for a loved one.


Being on both sides of the coin, my advise to everyone is take care of the details yourself, you will be leaving your family in a better position.


Connie, thank you for all your help and for giving me peace of mind.

Marilyn Meaney, Spruce Grove, Alberta

A pleasure to do business with, and with no pressure. Connie is very good at what she does.

Rod Kotch, Sherwood Park, Alberta

We were comfortable and felt at home in Connie’s office discussing a difficult subject.


Having had some bad experiences with final expense insurers I was pleasantly surprised and found Connie to be helpful, kind and thorough with all the information.


We were able to settle on  our preplanning and have the relief of knowing it’s done.


Thank you Connie and Serenity.

Brian & Meda Weir, Sturgeon County, Alberta

I had Serenity take care of all the details when my wife Marian passed away a few years ago and I was very pleased with their service.


You owe it to your family to plan things; it eases the hardships when someone dies.


I met with Scott to pre-plan everything for myself. He was kind and understanding and has the listening skills to guide and advise people on pre-planning and the process. He answered all my questions. This was a meaningful experience that exceeded my expectations. He’s doing a good service and I highly recommend him. God bless you in your work.


I can now continue my traveling with a peace of mind.

Otto Gloeckler, Edmonton, Alberta

We had recently suffered the sudden death of a close friend. It startled us into doing some preplanning for ourselves, but we were both pretty uncomfortable with the idea. However, Connie was patient and considerate, thorough and clear. She took her time with us, and at the end of the session we had completed a plan that satisfied our individual needs. We appreciate the service.

Jeanna Baty, Edmonton, Alberta

Planning ahead isn’t a bad thing. We'll help you.