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Advice and Info

Quality, Service or Price,
You Can Only Have 2


“When it comes to making a purchase, you can have any two of Quality, Service or Price – but you can’t have all three.”

That old familiar saying still holds true today; look at life’s major purchases and where you place value before making that buying decision. If you want quality and service you’ll pay more money. If you want to have a low price, you have the low quality and the low service.

‘I believe most will agree that you simply can’t offer a service or a product with high quality and outstanding service, at a bargain basement price.

You get what you pay for

When was the last time you relied on paid accommodations for hospitality and a good nights rest? You’ll receive  basic service and a bargain basement price at Motel 6; spend a few more dollars  at a Marriott and you’ll have good hospitality, dining, and comfort.

You can have any two of quality, service or price.

Looking back at our surviving a home renovation; material and supplies came from one shop in particular – yes, we paid a bit more money than had we bought from the store up the street who advertises “lowest price guaranteed.” However, the store where we laid our money down had all the answers, all the experience and were always readily available to help us. It had always been the challenge to dig service and knowledge out of the guy up the street who could only preach about price.

 “Lowest price” doesn’t pretend to have knowledge or offer service

The store we bought from doesn’t advertise anything about price, nor do they ever run a sale. In all fairness to the  “lowest price” store; they don’t pretend to have exceptional knowledge with good quality service – nor do they advertise that they do.

Serenity provides quality and knowledgeable service at a fair price. No, we’re not the bargain basement price funeral service provider – we’re the reasonable price. We’ve earned our place in the communities and are supported by people who seek good value and appreciate that we don’t cut corners, as price often dictates.

There are options available for the absolute lowest price funeral providers; we are not in that pond.

You may want to ponder this one for a while; you can have any two of quality, service or price, but you can’t have all three. When completing your end of life plan, which 2 will you choose?