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You Have Your Raincoat, But Are You Really Prepared? (Part 1)



Unexpected weather without a raincoat pales in comparison to an unexpected death without proper coverage.

A nation of travelers

Traveling for work, vacation, a special event, or just a visit is becoming more and more common in a world where even a far distance is only a plane ride away. Although none of us expect to die while we are away, it happens more often than we think.

Whether a death occurs in another province or across the world, the hardships that a survivor faces are extremely stressful and costly.

Although your suitcase suggests you have all the necessities for what you may encounter, are you really prepared?

Imagine for a moment that you are away from home with your spouse, a friend or perhaps another family member. You’ve waited a long time for this getaway, and you’ve been enjoying the new sites and the time away – what if the unthinkable happened?

Although your suitcase suggests you have all the necessities for what you may encounter, are you really prepared? When you have spent hours checking off the items on a list of things you just can’t do without, it only makes sense to spend minutes ensuring that the proper coverage is in place.

A death away from home requires far more than just a specified dollar amount on a policy.

Be aware. Be prepared.

There are several repatriation coverage options available nowadays; even the chartered banks offer some form of protection – but, be aware of what the coverage includes and perhaps more importantly – what is excluded.

  • Is the coverage unlimited or is it capped at a specified dollar amount?
  • Are all costs paid upfront by your coverage protection plan, or are the costs paid by family and then a claim submitted afterward?
  • Does coverage protect no matter what the cause of death is?
  • Are you protected anywhere internationally, are you protected locally?
  • How do age restrictions effect coverage? Are there renewal fees?
  • Is coverage limited if you have prior health conditions?
  • Does the coverage include the service of a specialist who will administrate all details freeing your survivors of added stress and hardship?

It’s stressful enough when someone you love dies away from home. Having the right protection in place is vitally important and easily obtained.



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